How We Create Value

Collaboration across multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams empowers holistic business decisions at the right time

Dynamic Platform

CCH is a real estate investment management platform which has an innate ability to find and extract the intrinsic and hidden value of real estate assets.  Possessing the spectrum of industry wide real estate disciplines in-house, CCH is especially equipped to build or acquire an asset at any point in its life cycle.

Fund Management

We operate adhering to an international standard of discipline, corporate governance, diligence, and capital protection.

We have experience in managing institutional capital alongside private equity funds, REITs, and sovereign wealth funds.
We have experience in the maiden acquisition of a PRC asset by an international REIT.

Investment Management

Exceptional experience combined with innovative thinking and strategies with an exciting platform focus creates objective-driven investment opportunities and consistent, robust yields.

Development Management

We employ a start-to-finish philosophy to navigate the often precarious terrain of the China construction and repurpose processes. This includes planning, permits & approvals, and development – all of which we have managed to traverse in record time.

The Mall Jinqiao, started piling within one month after completion of acquisition and completed the entire construction in 30 months.
The Mall Jinqiao, while the overall China retail market was adversely hit by online shopping, we achieved 85% pre-let before opening and delivered rentals underwritten 3 years ago.

Asset Management

Our careful selection of investment deals gives us the ability to foresee asset management challenges and remedied solutions on top of opportunities.

Corporate Finance Management

We are able to fine-tune our capital structure in the best interest of our investors.

We use onshore and offshore financing to balance cost and risk.  Also in 2013, we purchased an onshore real estate company by using offshore Renminbi (CNH).